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Truth or Consequences is located in Southern New Mexico, about 140 miles south of Albuquerque and 120 miles north of El Paso, Texas and the Mexican border.
Healing Waters Trail
MainStreet Truth or Consequences

Visitor Information


The City of Truth or Consequences is as unique as its name. But why take our word for it? Visit us and get to know "T or C" for yourself!

Truth or Consequences Affordable Housing Plan

Click here for the Final Truth or Consequences Affordable Housing Plan..

Comprehensive Plan

The Final Comprehensive Plan may be found at this web site.

Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting Draft of Goals and Strategies

The Draft Goals and Strategies resulting from the public meeting on the City's master plan may be found at this web site.

Presentation from Downtown Master Plan Workshop

The presentation made at the City Commission Workshop on the downtown master plan may be found at this web site.

Commission Agenda Packets Available On-Line

Since the size of the City Commission Agenda Packets often exceeds the the size allowed by some requesters' email programs, the packets will now be posted on line at this web site . Only the latest agenda packet will be kept on-line.

Advisory Board Positions Open

The City Commission of the City of Truth or Consequences is soliciting names of anyone wishing to serve as a member of the Truth or Consequences Advisory Boards and Representatives: Specifically, the following positions are due for appointment or reappointment:
  • Library Advisory Board
  • Planning & Zoning Advisory Board
  • Airport Advisory Board
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park Advisory Board
  • Public Arts Board
  • Public Utilities Advisory Board
  • Recreation Advisory Board
  • Sierra Vista Hospital Governing Board
  • Film Liason

Interested parties may contact the Office of the City Clerk, 505 Sims Street, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico during normal working hours Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm to obtain an Application. Please be aware that certain Boards have qualifications as set out in Article IV, Divisions 1 – 12 of the City Code.

Truth or Consequences Downtown Master Plan Draft

Click here for the draft of the Truth or Consequences Downtown Master Plan..

Preliminary Budget for FY 2014-2015

Click here for the City's Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015.

Lodger's Tax Funding Guidelines for 2015

Click here for the lodger's tax funding guidelines for FYE 2015.

Virgin Galactic Supplier Information

Click here for a list of suppliers and services currently being sought by Virgin Galactic.
Click here for the presentation from the Virgin Galactic tourism supplier seminar.

Geothermal Development Sustainability Report Available

The Geothermal Development Sustainability report presented to the City Commission by New Mexico Tech. may be downloaded here.

Stormwater Harvesting Report Available

The stormwater harvesting report presented to the City Commission by Stream Dynamics may be downloaded here.

Video of City Commission Meetings

The city has installed video recording equipment at the city commission chambers. Any city meeting held in these chambers will normally be recorded. Video of recorded city meetings can be found at .

Geothermal Resource Assessment

Click here to download the latest information on the Geothermal Resource Assessment study being done by New Mexico Tech. NOTE: This is a large (70MB) file. If you have a slow internet connection this will take a long time.

40 Year Water Report

Click here for the 40 year water report.

Public Notices

Click here for notice of the Gross Receipts Tax rate change effective January 1, 2012.

Monthly Meeting Schedule

Click here to see the meeting schedule for city boards and commissions for the month of September 2014.

Public Records Inspection

Click here to see the city's policy regarding inspection of public records.


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