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Ashley Galicia,  Pool Supervisor

Phone No. (575) 894-6151

The Municipal Swimming Pool is open for the 2024 season!
See the 2024 schedule HERE *Schedule is subject to change*

Municipal after resurfacing.
J.A. Hodges Municipal Swimming Pool is located at 775 Daniel's Street, Downtown T or C.
Phone: 575-894-6151 

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*Schedule is subject to change!
*Private/party rentals available upon request depending on availability.
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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)
Are there lane lines present during lap swim?
Occasionally in the summers, but very rarely in the winters due to storage outside of the pool cover.
Can more than one person use a pass?
No.  All passes are for the individual they are issued to.  If in the event you are leaving town or there is another reason you will no longer be able to attend the pool you may re-assign your card to another individual upon manager approval.
When do the passes expire?
Passes will expire either (1) year or 30 days after initial purchase, depending on the pass purchased.
Can my pass be extended for any reason?

Yes, passes may be extended by the pool manager in the event of unexpected pool closures, patron illnesses, or other issues that may arise. If your pass has expired, and you still have punches left on it, you may ask to speak to the pool manager in order to have your pass extended. You may be asked to pay for sessions until the pass is approved.

How old do I have to be to qualify as a Senior?

According to the City of TorC Swimming Pool, a senior is anyone who is 55 or older.

Do I have to show an ID?
Only if you insist. We never assume that anyone is over the age of 40.
My family is visiting for the week, can they use my pass too?

No, they will need to purchase a day use pass.

Why do infants have to be accompanied by a paying adult?

State law requires that children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult within the pool enclosure.  Per our pool rules the age is 8. It is highly recommended that children under 5 be accompanied in the water by an adult, therefore each adult will have to pay in order to enter the facility.

Why do you charge for non-swimmers?

In the past at this facility, and at other pools, there is no charge for non-swimmers, such as grandparents who want to just come watch their grandchildren, or kids who do not like to swim but wish to socialize. However, due to the limited capacity at our pool, especially during the summers, and with the added cost of our year around cover, we have had to charge for every person who enters the facility. We understand that this is an inconvenience to some people, but we feel it is necessary to help keep our swimming pool open and available for use in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you give other discounts for military or veterans?
No, there are no discounts honored except for the discounted passes.
Do city employees or their families get in for free?

No. Everyone wishing to use the swimming pool must now pay to get in.

What is the fee to lap swim?
Standard pool entrance fees apply, $4.00 per adult and $3.00 per senior per session.
What time are the designated lap swims?
There is two hours per day that are designated for lap swim only. Tuesday through Saturday from 8am-10am. During this session, lap swimming is the primary activity. Lap swimmers usually swim the length of the pool in specific lanes. If someone wishes to swim width, or in the shallow water, they will need to yield to the length-wise lap swimmers. If there is a conflict with the pool usage during this time, the lap swimmers will have preference. Schedule is subject to change due to summer or winter hours.
Are there any other times available for lap swimming?
Yes! Anytime that the pool is open to the public, lap swimmers are welcome. Lap Lane Lines available by request at the front desk, and subject to patron load.
Who can attend the lap swims?
Lap swimming is open to anyone who wishes to participate. There is no discrimination of age, sex, or speed. The only requirement is that if you are swimming during lap swim, you need to be swimming laps, not playing on slide, diving board, or just hanging out in the way of the lap swimmers.
How many people are allowed to swim in each lane?
Standard swimming etiquette applies during lap swim. There are only 5 lanes, so sharing is encouraged. Most patrons will swim inside of a lane keeping the black line to their left, in order to always be sure to stay on one side of the lane. Using this strategy, it is possible to have up to ten people in each lane, swimming a circuit from end to end without colliding in the middle. Many couples, friends, and family members share lanes, as well as swim team members. There will be times that it is unavoidable to share lanes. Please be courteous to fellow lap swimmers when the pool is experiencing a high volume of lap swimmers.
What type of equipment is provided or am I allowed to bring my own?
Kick boards and swim noodles are available to use for free for lap swimmers.  The swimming pool is also open to donations of/for swimming equipment to be used for free by all patrons.
When are the Aerobics classes?
An aerobics time is offered Tuesday - Saturday 10am-12am.  
Classes and instructors may vary.  There is not always an instructor present.
Who can come to Aerobics classes?
Anyone is welcome to attend. There is no discrimination. All ages are welcome, both male and female.
What is the fee to attend an aerobics class?
Standard pool entrance fees apply, $4.00 per adult and $3.00 per senior per session. Passes are available for a discounted rate.
Is there an instructor?
There are several instructors who rotate leadership during the classes when available.  There is not always an instructor present.
Do I need any special equipment?
Exercise noodles are provided by the swimming pool. A bathing suit must be worn in the pool. It is recommended that hats and sunglasses be worn during summer sessions when the cover is off as sun protection. Any additional equipment may be brought at the swimmers discretion, but is not necessary.
Is there music during the aerobics?
Music is not generally provided during the winter months, however anyone may bring a wireless (battery operated) radio for classes at any time. All music is welcome except songs that contain profanity, vulgarity, or offensive lyrics. (Please no Rap music.)
What is therapeutic swim?
Therapeutic swim is a designated time slot at the pool in which all types of water therapy classes are welcome. There are no structured programs such as aerobics during this time, and it is not open for children to use the pool, (except as part of a therapy program or during school holidays.)
When are the therapeutic swims?
Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-12am.
Who can come to therapeutic swims?
Anyone may attend during this programs designated time slots. You do not need a doctors’ note or a physical therapy instructor. All ages are welcome, and all programs are approved during this time. As always, courtesy is appreciated to fellow swimmers. During this session, therapy users have preference. Lap swimmers should please avoid the shallow end or other areas that are being used by patrons.
What is the fee to attend therapeutic swim?
Standard pool entrance fees apply, $4.00 per adult and $3.00 per senior per session. Passes are available for a discounted rate. There is no additional charge for this program.