Vision Statement


Envision a trail that...

...celebrates the ancient healing traditions of the hot mineral springs, connects us to native and migratory birds and wildlife along the Rio Grande, and brings us to a park for quiet reflection of those who have served our country.

...weaves together a multitude of historic, cultural, artistic and natural elements into a unique tapestry.

...offers numerous amenities for residents and visitors alike, including:

  • Enhanced quality of life.

  • Relaxation for body, mind and spirit in the hot mineral waters of restored bathhouses.

  • Enjoyment of public art of the WPA era and present time.

  • A healthy place to bike, walk, jog and play.

  • Access to the river for fishing, boating and bird-watching.

  • A step back to the times of the pit dwellers, the Apaches, the dam builders, and the natural healers who shaped this place.

  • A stroll past buildings and homes listed on the National Historic Register.

  • A replica of the Vietnam Healing Wall for quiet meditation.

This vision could become a reality...

In January 2008, a group of local citizens representing broad interests in Truth or Consequences began to make this vision of a Healing Waters Trail a reality.

The overarching goal of their efforts is to produce a "Healing Waters Trail Plan," which will be used to acquire funding and to implement the trail. This plan will answer questions concerning a variety of issues, including what route the trail will follow, what the trail will look like, how the historic and natural resources along the trail will be preserved and highlighted, how the trail will be maintained and protected, and how to address trail safety.

The project has received support from the City of Truth or Consequences, the New Mexico Soil and Water Conservation District, and the National Park Service, and it continues to gain momentum as more local residents offer their ideas and suggestions. For more information, or to find out how to get involved, contact Dianne Preisser at 575-894-1968, or email

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