T or C Library's Links Page


www.alibris.com   The place to go if you are looking for first editions or rare books. 

www.amazon.com   The world's largest online bookstore - great for getting information about books, music, games and more. 

www.bookfinder.com   This site searches thousands of bookseller sites to help you find what you want. 


www.answersthatwork.com   Have a question about computers? This site, "The Ultimate Online Help Desk," is the place to go.


www.valueline.com   Value Line Investment Survey. Offers real-time data. You can even ask a staff member a question via e-mail. 

www2.standardandpoors.com   Standard and Poor's web site offers real time market data and market commentary.


The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names   Type in a location name and get its longitude, latitude, and more information.


www.ipl.org   The Internet Public Library- a site dedicated to finding worthwhile and trustworthy material online. 

www.dictionary.com   Pretty obvious what goes on here. Also offers dictionaries in foreign languages.

www.funbrain.com   Games and resources for K-8 students and teachers. Makes learning fun.


www.blakearchive.org   A Library of Congress project to digitally archive the poet William Blake's writing and images.

www.mathpower.com   Get help with math! Helps with anxiety as well as the math itself.


www.acronymfinder.com   Decode those pesky acronyms ASAP!

www.mapblast.com   Type in an address to get a map or directions.

www.imdb.com   Can't think of the name of that movie with Orson Welles? This searchable database of films should do the trick. 

www.cara.org   Want to know why a movie is rated "R"? Find out on the official site of Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) website. 

www.screenit.com   This site is a concerned parent's dream. Find in-depth reviews of films with content rated by category (i.e. profanity, guns/weapons, nudity, etc).

www.recipesource.com   Searchable online archive of recipes. Find the perfect key lime pie!

The Visible Human Project   A guided tour of the human body using digital cross-section imagery.

Human Genome Project   Learn more about the Human Genome Project.

www.chem4kids.com   Covers basic chemistry including states of matter, the periodic table, and more.

www.dogpile.com   Search many engines at once for lots of results. 

  Human compiled and rated websites.

www.google.com   A no nonsense search engine.

www.yahoo.com   Free e-mail, search engine, shopping etc. 

infomine.ucr.edu   Find college level reference information.

www.intute.ac.uk   A database of web resources for education and research.
www.ipl.org   Librarians' index to the internet - gotta love the librarian!
www.metacrawler.com   Search lots of search engines.

www.surfwax.com   Uses big search engines and little ones to find what you want.

www.irs.gov   The IRS official web site. Download printable forms and publications.

www.state.nm.us/tax   The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department website.