Solar Panels and Net Metering

Interconnection and Net Metering

Welcome to the City of Truth or Consequences Interconnection and Net Metering web page. We have provided you with important information and document links to make your installation and interconnection as streamlined as possible. This web page provides the information you will need to start the process.

The New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) and New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission (NMPRC) have provided Applicants and Utilities with guidelines and requirements for interconnection and metering of Qualified Generating Facilities. Generating facility means the interconnection customer’s device(s) for the production of electricity. The more common generating facilities are Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. However, other qualified generating facilities are addressed by the NMAC and NMPRC as well.

The City has provided two Application paths for Customers wishing to interconnect to the City’s Utility depending on the size (rating) of your Generating Facility. The links below provide the documents you will need.

Prior to interconnection of your Generating Facility, you must have all paperwork and Applications completed and submitted to the City. You will also need to have inspections by the City and State and receive written approval from the City prior to interconnecting and operating your Generating Facility in parallel with the City’s Utility.
After reviewing these documents, if you have any questions contact us at 575.894.6673 (ext. 353, Planning & Zoning Official) or (ext. 372, Electrical Department).

Forms you need for Generating Facilities no more than 10 kW

Forms you need for Generating Facilities Greater than 10 kW and < 10MW


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