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Truth or Consequences is located in Southern New Mexico, about 140 miles south of Albuquerque and 120 miles north of El Paso, Texas and the Mexican border.
Healing Waters Trail
MainStreet Truth or Consequences

Visitor Information

Chamber of Commerce


The City of Truth or Consequences is as unique as its name. But why take our word for it? Visit us and get to know "T or C" for yourself!

Fiesta Golf Tournament

The fiesta golf tournament will be held at the municipal golf course on May 14 and 15, 2016. Please contact Terry Taylor at 575-894-2603 for more information.

Unofficial Election Results

Please click here for unofficial results of the municipal election of March 1, 2016.

Utilities Update

The City of Truth or Consequences wishes to thank our customers for their continued patience during the computer conversion for the Utility Department. We are almost there! We have finally worked through all of the issues that we encountered over the last several months for billing cycles. What customers can expect over the next few months is as follows: Cycle D billing will encounter November corrections on their December bill (which is scheduled to go out the week of February 4, 2016). All other cycles (A, B and C) can expect to get their bills the week of February 8, 2016. We apologize that these bills are late, but unfortunately, there was no way around this. There will be no late fees assessed or red tag issued for any of these accounts (A, B, C or D). If you continued to pay any amount on your bill even though you did not get a bill, the City graciously thanks you. We understand that the bills are late going out, and we will make arrangements with you regarding payments. In addition, to get back on track with the billing cycles, we will have to again issue bills for the current month shortly after you get the bills that should have gone out in January. Again, we apologize and will work with our customers on any issues they encounter. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lori at 894-6673 extension 310. While we all appreciate technology upgrades, they are not without their issues at times. Thank you for your kindness to our staff during this trying time.

More Information on Utility Billing Software Conversion

With the delayed billing occurring, the City encourages all residents to make a minimum payment to your account on or about your regularly scheduled due date. You can make the payment in any amount that you wish, or pay the amount that was due last month. This will keep your bill at a reasonable level and will not overly burden you when the billing issue gets resolved. If you have arranged with the utility office to pay your account via autodraft, please contact the utility office immediately. Again, thank you for your patience. --Updated January 4, 2016

The issue with incorrect billing on the new Utility Billing Software has been determined to be a programming error on the part of the software vendor. This is being corrected by the vendor however the new, corrected, software will not be installed until after New Years. As a result, no utility bills will be issued until this correction is made. None of our customers will be charged any late fees due to late billing while our software vendor fixes this problem. Thank, again, for your patience while we work the bugs out of this conversion process. --Updated December 23, 2015

Conversion of Utility Billing Software to New System

The city is aware that there have been some problems in converting our utility billing system to use new software. We are working with the vendor of this software to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or believe that your utility bill is in error, please either call our utility office at 575-894-6671 or stop in at the utility office at 505 Sims St, TorC. Thank you for your patience.

Important Notice Regarding Your Utility Bill

Please click here for information regarding your utility Bill.

2015-2016 Final Budget Available

The final budget for the City of Truth or Consequences is linked below:
  • Final Budget Part 1 of 2
  • Final Budget Part 2 of 2

  • Public Notice for Airport Projects

    Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico hereby announces its FY 2015 Goal of 9% for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) airport construction projects. For FY 2015, the airport construction project is: Runway 13-31 Crack Repair & Seal Coat.

    Healing Waters Plaza Design

    Click here for the Healing Waters Plaza Design.

    Truth or Consequences Affordable Housing Plan

    Click here for the Final Truth or Consequences Affordable Housing Plan..

    Comprehensive Plan

    The Final Comprehensive Plan may be found at this web site.

    Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting Draft of Goals and Strategies

    The Draft Goals and Strategies resulting from the public meeting on the City's master plan may be found at this web site.

    Presentation from Downtown Master Plan Workshop

    The presentation made at the City Commission Workshop on the downtown master plan may be found at this web site.

    Commission Agenda Packets Available On-Line

    Since the size of the City Commission Agenda Packets often exceeds the the size allowed by some requesters' email programs, the packets will now be posted on line at this web site . Only the latest agenda packet will be kept on-line.

    Truth or Consequences Downtown Master Plan

    Click here for the Final Truth or Consequences Downtown Master Plan..

    Lodger's Tax Funding Guidelines for 2015

    Click here for the lodger's tax funding guidelines for FYE 2015.

    Virgin Galactic Supplier Information

    Click here for a list of suppliers and services currently being sought by Virgin Galactic.
    Click here for the presentation from the Virgin Galactic tourism supplier seminar.

    Geothermal Development Sustainability Report Available

    The Geothermal Development Sustainability report presented to the City Commission by New Mexico Tech. may be downloaded here.

    SWPPP: Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

    The SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan now available and can be viewed here.

    Stormwater Harvesting Report Available

    The stormwater harvesting report presented to the City Commission by Stream Dynamics may be downloaded here.

    Video of City Commission Meetings

    The city has installed video recording equipment at the city commission chambers. Any city meeting held in these chambers will normally be recorded. Video of recorded city meetings can be found at .

    Geothermal Resource Assessment

    Click here to download the latest information on the Geothermal Resource Assessment study being done by New Mexico Tech. NOTE: This is a large (70MB) file. If you have a slow internet connection this will take a long time.

    40 Year Water Report

    Click here for the 40 year water report.

    Monthly Meeting Schedule

    Click here to see the meeting schedule for city boards and commissions for the month of August 2016.

    Public Records Inspection

    Click here to see the city's policy regarding inspection of public records.


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