Solid Waste Relief Driver

Description :

Class Title: Solid Waste Relief Driver                                                                 

Department: Solid Waste                                                                                        

Status: Classified




This is heavy, manual work of a repetitive nature in the collection or disposal of trash and refuse of all kinds




Works under the general guidance and direction of the Sanitation Director or others as assigned.




  • Position may require      the operation of trash or dump trucks or heavy equipment.
  • Wash, clean and      grease truck and/or equipment, check fluids, tires, etc.
  • Performs a      variety of routine duties in the cleaning, maintaining and setting of      various types of trash receptacles.
  • Manually picks      up garbage, trash, brush or yard waste, recyclables, and white goods      (i.e., refrigerators, hot water heaters, etc.)
  • Will be required      to work weekends and holidays.
  • Schedule changes      may be required due to workload.
  • Performs a      variety of routine duties in the cleaning of facility floors and tunnel.      Washing and basic maintenance of collection center equipment.
  • May be responsible      for daily operation of waste collection center and recycle center as required or as assigned by sanitation director, supervisor.
  • May be      responsible for the loading of waste into transfer trailers and recycle      materials into roll-off containers or trailers as necessary or assigned.
  • May be      responsible for conducting random load inspections of incoming waste from      residents, businesses and commercial trash trucks.
  • Performs manual      separation and removal of recyclable material from waste that is placed on      the tipping floor.
  • May be      responsible for the daily operations and duties of loading recycle      materials into horizontal or vertical baler.
  • May be      responsible for making sure that recycling containers and trailers are      emptied and ready for use.
  • Responsible for      helping residents with material separation and collection.
  • Performs house      cleaning and grounds keeping duties as requested or assigned.
  • Performs a      variety of routine duties in the cleaning and maintenance of facility      floors and various collection and recycle center equipment as assigned.


  • May be required      to work in Scale House as needed. Must have customer service skills and      basic cash handling experience.


The above information on this job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification.  It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties and responsibilities required of all employees assigned to this job.





Education and Experience:


  • High School      Diploma, or GED Equivalent.
  • Experience in      waste collection, equipment operation or recycling preferred but not      required.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


  • Ability to      maintain pleasant working relationships with supervisors, co-workers and      the general public.
  • Ability to      communicate in both oral and written English.
  • Ability to      follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to learn      and perform basic maintenance or repair on equipment or trucks.
  • Ability to learn      to operate dump truck, trash truck and heavy equipment as assigned.
  • Ability to learn      to handle truck and/or equipment in traffic and be familiar with traffic      laws and regulations.
  • Ability to learn      safety procedures required in the loading and unloading of refuse material.
  • Ability to learn      and be able to distinguish the kinds of refuse materials which may be      picked up.
  • Ability to work      with computers and computer programing.
  • Ability to      determine when a load /waste is / could be harmful to public health or      environment.




  • Ability to      obtain a Valid New Mexico “Class B” CDL within 6 months of employment.
  • Ability to read      and understand Solid Waste Bureau Rules and Regulations.
  • Ability to      successfully complete Solid Waste Certification in any field within 1 year      of employment: Landfill, Transfer Station, Recycling, or Composting.
  • Must      successfully complete the post-offer employment medical examination and      pre-employment drug screening and employment medical examination.


New Mexico CDL Training and Solid Waste Training for certifications may be attained through the city. The required certification does not guarantee promotion and / or wage increase. City may use employee’s certification in temporary position when needed. 


Equipment, Tools & Materials:


  • Worker uses a wide variety of forms, clipboard and writing utensils.
  • Worker wears steel-toed shoes, gloves, goggles and a hardhat for protection and safety in performing certain duties.
  • Worker handles various types of waste, recyclable materials, broom, and dust pan, various hand tools, pitchfork, hoe, rake, shovel, and grease gun.
  • Worker may be required to operate trash truck and/or heavy equipment as assigned.



Working Conditions:


  • Work is      performed mostly outdoors, subject to natural weather conditions and      extremes in temperatures
  • Subject to      hazards such as cuts, bruises, dog bites, diseases, hazardous materials      and dead animals.
  • Subject to      moderate and extreme noise levels caused by equipment.
  • Subject to      unpleasant odors.
  • Duties may involve      walking, climbing, crawling, standing, sitting, crouching, kneeling and      ability to assume prone positions.
  • Work is normally      performed during weekdays, and part of work shift may be performed in the      darkness.  Emergencies may require      working all hours of the day or night, including weekends, and holidays.      Drivers may be called in to cover another driver’s shift.
  • Driving      conditions may consist of muddy or wet roads, snowy or icy roads and high      winds other duties are performed on hard surfaces, uneven and inclined      slopes.
  • Specific      required movements include the following (100+ pounds):
  • Trunk:  bend, twist, rotate, push, pull, and carry.
  • Arms:  reach, carry, push, pull, lift, twist, and rotate.
  • Legs:  lift, push, pull, twist, rotate, balance.
  • Hands:  grasp, manipulate, rapid movement, bilateral coordination, finger and overall dexterity.
  • It is the      employee’s responsibility to obtain assistance from another worker or      mechanical aid on items weighing more than 100 pounds.




Mental Functions:


  • Must      be able to use sound judgment, logic, and experience to make proper      decisions concerning whether something can be recycled, what trash items      can be disposed of, and recognition of problem and hazardous waste.
  • Must      be able to apply knowledge of maintenance and repair functions in working      with the equipment.  Must be able to      apply knowledge of proper, safe use of various hand tools and the      equipment.
  • Must      be able to learn to safely operate various equipment at the Recycle and      Solid Waste Collection Center and learn to safely drive large trash trucks      and heavy equipment in high foot traffic area.
  • Must      have good knowledge of city streets and alleys.
  • Must      be able to prioritize and organize own tasks as well as tasks of others.


Physical Functions:


  • Must be able to sit for an estimated 4-10 hours total per workday.
  • Must be able to stand and/or walk for an estimated 4-8 hours total per workday.
  • Must be able to crouch, crawl, kneel, or work in a prone position on an occasional basis.  Crawling, kneeling, or working in a prone position is required on rare occasions.
  • Must be able to bend at the waist, and twist/rotate at the waist as needed, on a frequent basis.


  • Must      be able to reach arms away from body or overhead on an occasional      basis.  Must be able to extend arms      to perform job duties on an occasional basis.   Must be able to work with arms bent for      up to 8 hours per workday.
  • Must      be able to push or pull with arms with a force in excess of 50 pounds of      pressure.
  • Must      be able to lift up to 40 pounds from floor to waist level and from waist      level to overhead on a frequent basis.       Must be able to carry up to 40 pounds on a frequent basis.
  • Must      be able to use legs to assist in lifting activities, as well as standing,      walking, and climbing.  Must be able      to use legs and feet in order to operate heavy equipment and drive trash      trucks.
  • Must      be able to use hands to grasp/manipulate various objects in a bilaterally      coordinated manner.  Must be able to      use hands and fingers in the operation of heavy equipment and performing      basic maintenance and repair duties.
  • Must      have eyesight and hearing sufficient to safely operate heavy      equipment.  Must be able to use      visual abilities to accurately assess amounts and types of trash that is      being collected.  Must be able to      coordinate use of eyes and hands in duties such as operating heavy      equipment.


The above Physical Functions section uses the terms Occasional, Frequent, and Constant in referring to certain physical demands.  The term Occasional refers to a 1-32 repetitions per workday, the term Frequent refers to 33-200 repetitions per workday.





Formal application, rating of education and experience; oral interview and reference check; job related tests may be requested.


This Position Description does not constitute an employment agreement between the Employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the Employer and requirements of the job change

Contact :


The City of Truth or Consequences has an opening for the position of SOLIDWASTE RELIEF DRIVER in the SOLIDWASTE DIVISION.

See Job Description for full requirements and representative duties.

Pay rate commensurate with qualification and experience, plus benefits                         

Application and Job Description are available from Human Resources Office , 505 Sims Street, T or C., NM, 87901, tel.#575-740-7554 fax #575-894-0363. Deadline for applications to be returned to the City’s HR Office is  until filled. E.O.E.

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(07/03/2020 – until filled)

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Deadline for Applying : Open until filled